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Do I Have to Replace My window 

How do you know when a window must be replaced?

Is that damage repairable? 

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Window Diagram.gif

Brick molding, Sill Nose, Sills, Stools, some grids, and stop can be repaired. Don't use Epoxy unless absolutely necessary

Internal grids, seal failure, rotten rails, sashes, or grids can not usually be repaired affordably.

Wash Me.JPG

This window just needs a bath. There is some mildew and dirt, but the paint looks good.


wash the window like you would wash your car. Contact the paint or window  manufacturer for a recommended cleaning solution


This is a high maintenance and low efficiency window.

Re Glaze.JPG

This window needs to be reglazed, caulked and painted now and every few years, but does not have to be replaced.

This window may not open or close. It is not energy efficient, it's high maintenance & may be an egress problem. Consider replacing

Window trim Paint .JPG

The window sash is in good shape, however the sill, sill nose, and brick molding need to be replaced.

This sill was repaired with bondo a few years ago. don't use epoxy. Fix it correctly the 1st time.

WIndow Rail Rot.JPG

This window needs to be replaced. someone took the cheap route and used epoxy. The sashes can be replaced affordably. 

lucky the rot has not spread yet. It can spread into the sill and to the framing.

It is possible to pull the sash out and repair it at a millworks shop, but that is extremely expensive.

Window Before.JPG

This window needs to be replaced. It has seal failure. moisture has collected in between the 2 panes of glass

Be Careful how long you wait to replace this window. The rails can rot out and spread rot to the sill and framing of your home.

The images below are examples of what can happen if you use bondo/epoxy to repair rotten wood. Save your money and do it the right way one time. 

Were sure the companies that did the work below said, "we know what we are doing," "we have been doing it for years," or "This is how w have always done it."

Bondo Sidelite.JPG
Bad Rail.JPG
Window Rot.JPG
bondo door.JPG
IMG-2438 (2).JPG
IMG-3715 (11).JPG
Rot Window.JPG
Trim Wrinkle.JPG
bondo railing.JPG
Bondo Sill 2.JPG

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